Amherst Middle School

Schedule & Results
Apr 23W 10-5 Hotchkiss School JV
Apr 23W 10-7 Indian Mountain School
Apr 23L 1-11 Frederick Gunn School
Apr 26 4-4 Amherst JV B
Apr 26L 4-8 Northfield Mount Hermon B
Apr 27W 8-2 Four Rivers MS
May 3W 15-1 PVCICS MS
May 7L 5-10 Monument Mountain HS
May 7L 0-13 Needham
May 7W 10-9 PVCICS
May 8L 4-10 The Cambridge School of Weston
May 8W 13-5 Amherst JV B
May 8L 4-13 Lincoln-Sudbury
May 10W 12-8 Hartsbrook MS
May 11W 15-3 Four Rivers MS
May 14W 13-3 LGA
May 14W 11-6 Brown MS
May 14L 2-13 Four Rivers MS
May 14W 13-3 The Center School MS243
May 18W 11-9 Northampton HS Boys JVR
May 21L 10-11 Brattleboro
May 21W 13-1 Four Rivers MS
May 21W 13-2 Williston Northampton MS
May 21L 8-10 Amherst JV B
May 31W 19-3 Hilltown Cooperative Charter Pub
Jun 2W 23-3 PVCICS MS
Jun 5W 13-7 Hartsbrook MS
Jun 5W 13-3 Wellesley Middle School
Jun 5L 10-13 Four Rivers MS
Jun 5W 11-9 Brown MS
Jun 6W 19-1 Sizer School
Jun 8L 8-14 Amherst JV B
Jun 9L 8-11 Monument Mountain 9th Grade
Team Information
Location Amherst, MA RRI 1298 Contact
Jim Pistrang (coach) 413-237-5710
We are a coed team of 7th and 8th graders. We are interested in playing other Middle School teams as well as JV and developing high school teams. We hold a Middle School tournament every spring, please contact us if you are interested in attending this event.